Overseas Director

Having lost my wife to cancer and having a baby survive cancer inspired me to reach out to kids battling cancer. Working with children has reminded me of how amazing and exciting the world can be. I love seeing things from their eyes. It makes me a happier and more positive person in my day-to-day life. Children also encourage me to use my imagination and find new creative ways to do things!”
Email: mukiza.j[at]hcikidshaven.org


Co-Founder / Director

Being on the frontline in seeing how cancer can cause havoc on a family, my drive towards co-founding HCI was to help raise awareness on cancer, especially childhood cancers. HCI kids haven was birthed to create a safe and fun place where kids undergoing cancer treatment or who have battled cancer can come and share their experiences or just have fun and forget albeit for a moment, the scourge of cancer on their young lives.


Programs Officer

Working at HCI as a humanitarian means being empathetic. I'm driven by the passion to understand other people and to walk the journey with kids as they battle cancer. My work has helped me better understand who I am and where I come from, where am going and the need to appreciate the privilege of a healthy life. At the same time, my background in hospitality has helped me relate to many of the people I've worked with in the humanitarian sector.


Founder / Executive Director

"I choose the blessings in the experience of having and surviving blood cancer. I learned to listen to my body and advocate for myself and others" "Fighting cancer is a marathon, not a sprit. Keeping my mind focused and my attitude positive made all the difference in the world," says Catherine who was diagnosed with a blood cancer a few years ago. "For all that cancer took away from me, it gave me something extraordinary. Cancer gave me a new perspective on life. Cancer gave me the opportunity to live my life in the moment, with intention."
Email: catherine[at]hcikidshaven.org


Human Resource Officer

I'm a student at Kenyatta University undertaking BSc. Biotechnology and a farmer at Kuku farm. My love for kids and the urge to serve led me to volunteer at HCI where I can make a difference no matter how small in the society.


Finance and Administration Officer

Callaghan Wanjoki Wambugu received degree in Bachelor of Commerce from JKUAT. A strong advocate for efficiency, honesty, loyalty, commitment and reliability. He involves his finance team in Strategic planning and Financial Planning & Analysis, Financial Reporting & Control. His professional interests focus on community involvement, child care, club memberships and volunteer services.


Child Psychologist

As a mental health enthusiast I am dedicated to assisting and providing hope all who are going through hard times especially health-wise and I hope to see healthier communities through whatever contribution I can make as an individual.