At HCI, we recognize that patients undergoing treatment require both psychosocial support and assistance in accessing treatment. Psychosocial support is necessary because we understand that the cancer journey is both emotionally and mentally draining and needs both psychological and social care to ease it. Additionally, HCI partners with stakeholders to get the beneficiaries into treatment programmes.


Provide safe space to “allow kids to be kids” by engaging them in fun-filled activities and development of artistic skills. HCI Kids Connect is a kids’ support programme for children with life-limiting illnesses. The purpose HCI Kids Connect is to create a haven for children fighting cancer and other life-limiting illnesses. It serves children with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses and their families by providing companionship and encouragement from our experiences. This is achieved by giving the children and their caregivers a home base for rest while enabling them to receive their treatment in Nairobi, knowing that the highest quality programme has been selected.
Through the programme, HCI get to interact with children through home and Hospital visits, and at HCI-Kids Connect centre, giving hope and imparting skills to these needy children. a. Organise drawing and painting sessions b. Organise music and dance sessions c. Provide in-door games such as crosswords, puzzles, scrabbles, chess, toys d. Provide outdoor games such as trampoline, see-saws, slides, and swings e. Provide equipment to watch child-friendly movies and programmes


We provide accommodation for children and caregivers who reside out of the capital. (HCI home stay)


Every kid deserves to know what it is like to have a dream come true. Life completely changes when a kid is diagnosed with cancer. They lose their routine; going to school, playing with their friends, participating in extracurricular activities etc. It is almost like they stop being kids. When adults are sick, they feel that life is disrupted. The same happens to kids. At their stage of life, it is essential that they feel loved and integrated into the environment that surrounds them. Treatment and hospitalization gets in the way of this.
Therefore, it is normal for them to feel different from others because of their illness. When they spend so much time in a medical environment, they may stop feeling like kids. They cannot engage in the normal activities of this stage of life.
Kids must have hope when they are hospitalized or going through treatment. In our Grant a Wish Program, we offer hope to kids battling cancer and other non-communicable diseases. HCI’s sole purpose is to answer the dreams of these kids; Ages infant to seventeen years, whose families cannot fulfil their request as a result of financial constrain. We hope that what they desire will come true. We offer them a chance to take a break from the challenging experience by allowing them to have their wishes and dreams come true. This inspires enthusiasm and a desire to live, which is so fundamental to keep them going.
Such dreams may include taking a family vacation, attending an event, purchasing a desired item, travelling and adventure or meeting someone special. Whatever the wish, HCI aims to help children battling cancer and non-communicable diseases to have their wishes come true and create meaningful memories.
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